6 Steps to Buy a Home in BC

1) Talk to your Realtor

Have a conversation with a real estate professional to go over market conditions, your needs/wants, and purchasing costs that you may not be aware of when purchasing a home

2) Get Pre-approved for Financing 

Before you start home shopping, get pre-approved with your mortage broker or bank. You want to know with confidence when you find your dream home/ investment property that you can make the purchase! It also ensures the seller that you are a qualified buyer. 

3) Home Shopping

During this step we will narrow down your search criteria to find your dream home.

4) Negotiate a Conditional Offer

This is where we negotiate price, closing date, and the terms and conditions that allow us to do the homework on the property.

5) Working Through the Conditions

All offers we write will be conditional to us doing our homework and due diligence on the property. 

6) Fulfilling our Conditions, Paying Deposit & Completion

Time to make it official- sign off the conditions and the deposit now is payable. The deposit binds you to the deal as the buyer because there is always time between subject removal date and the possession date.

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