When trying to sell Kelowna Real Estate for Sale there may be many reasons why your home won’t sell. Sometimes it could be the market itself, but many times it’s mistakes made by the seller or real estate agent. Here is a list of mistakes that will hurt the sale of your home.

Kelowna Realtors,MLS Listings Kelowna,Kelowna Real Estate for SaleOverpricing the home

Of course everyone wants to get the most in return for their house, but sometimes your may overvalue your home ask for too much. Make sure you speak to the best Kelowna Realtors and get your home evaluated so it’s priced right.

Not cleaning properly

When listings your home on the Kelowna Real Estate MLS you need to make sure it is spotless. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional cleaner, you need to make sure the entire house is cleaned thoroughly. If your garage is cluttered with too many items when trying to sell your home, you may want to move some of that stuff into storage, so the potential buyers can actually see how much space is in there.

Kelowna Realtors,MLS Listings Kelowna,Kelowna Real Estate for SaleBad photography

This one is critical. When Kelowna realtors list houses online your house is now out there for everyone to see on the MLS system, realtor.ca, facebook, twitter, and more. This is basically the first impression online searchers will see, and if you have bad photography of your home, people are just going to scroll on by. Make sure you or your real estate agent hire a professional photographer so your home can look its best online.

Home showings

There are a few things you need to try and avoid when trying to sell Kelowna Real Estate for Sale. The first thing you need to remember is that your realtor is doing everything they can to get potential guyers to come see your home, so you need to be flexible with your schedule so your home can be shown at any time, within reason of course. The second thing is you need to make sure your pets are not around during showings or open houses. Everyone loves pets, but they’re not going to want a dog jumping up on them, or a cat tripping them up when viewing your home.

In conclusion, there are many things that can negatively effect the sale of your home, so make sure to avoid these. For more information on this contact your expert Kelowna realtors, The Jurome Group, today!