Home inspections are one of the most important things when buying and listing a house for sale Kelowna. Whether you are a buyer or seller, there are many things you need to know about home inspections, and hiring an inspector and letting them just run through the house is not good enough anymore.

Home Buyers

When buying Kelowna real estate for sale, here is what you need to know about home inspections.

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Hire the best home inspector
Hiring the best home inspector around is critical when getting an inspection done. Here is a great list that will help you make the right decision:

  1. Ask your expert Kelowna realtors who they recommend.
  2. Make sure the company the inspector works for is insured.
  3. Ask if the company also does repairs and renovations on top of the inspection.
  4. Find out everything that is included in the inspection and how long it normally takes.
  5. Make sure to ask for a list of references
  6. Ensure that you are allowed to be present during the inspection.
  7. Ask for a copy of the report once the inspection is complete.

Kelowna Realtors,House for Sale Kelowna,Kelowna Real Estate for Sale

Important questions to ask the home inspector
Make sure to ask the inspector the following questions, before and after the inspection is complete:

  1. What is the cost of the inspection?
  2. What is included in the home inspection?
  3. Can you breakdown the process of the inspection?
  4. Always make sure to ask questions if you are confused by anything.
  5. If they find a critical issue with the home, make sure to ask how important the issue is and what the cost will be to fix it.
  6. These guys are pros, so make sure to get as much advice from them on anything that needs to be repaired.

Home Sellers

When listing Kelowna real estate for sale, here’s what sellers need to know.

Kelowna Realtors,House for Sale Kelowna,Kelowna Real Estate for Sale

How you can prepare for the inspection
The most important thing for sellers is to make sure you are not hiding anything during the inspection, as the home inspector is sure to find them anyway, and it also may be illegal to due so.

Here is a list of things you can do as the seller to prepare:

  1. Make sure the power in the home is still on.
  2. The inspector will be testing the lightbulbs to ensure the power is working properly, so make sure the lightbulbs are all replaced.
  3. Clean any clutter out of all closets so the inspector can see everything properly.
  4. The inspector will also be checking the basement walls for cracks or water leaks, so make sure everything is cleared away from the walls.
  5. If there is an attic in the home make sure it is accessible.
  6. Make sure the service tags on the furnace are visible and the filters are changed.

In conclusion, these tips should help to make the home inspection process as smooth as possible. If you have more questions be sure to contact the best Kelowna realtors today.