Are you getting closer to purchasing Kelowna real estate for sale in 2019? If so, here are a few tips on how to avoid costly mistakes, and the pros and cons to investing in a particular neighbourhood. All brought to you by the Jurome Real Estate Group.

What to look for in your next home

Some people buy their first home and then move on to another in the future, while others may end up staying in that home, but if you’re looking to purchase a lifetime home then there are some things you’ll want to look for. The main ones being the location, the size of the home, as well as any maintenance you may have to do on the home.

Costly Mistakes to Avoid

When purchasing a house for sale Kelowna, some people make some mistakes that can be very costly. Sometimes this mistake can be financial, while other times it can me be a loss of time. Who you hire and work with during this process matters, so make sure you hire the best Kelowna realtors, lenders, and inspectors.

Looking to buy the best home in the neighbourhood?

It’s very common for buyers to want to purchase the best home in the neighbourhood they are interested in, and why not! But keep in mind, there are also some cons to this purchase. Yes there may be some things this home has that others do not, but keep in mind the property value may increase at a different rate than the other houses.

Final Walk-throughs are very important

You have now gone through the process of purchasing your new home, you’re almost at the finish line and ready to sign those papers, but not so fast. Before you sign the closing documents make sure you fo a final walk-through of the property. Not all people buying Kelowna Real Estate for Sale think it’s important, but a wlak-through is very important, so you can spot things that may have been hidden by furniture or decorations when you viewed the house.

These are just a couple things you’ll want to keep in mind when buying your first home. For more information contact your expert Kelowna realtors, The Jurome Group, today!